Paper Finishes

We can provide a range of paper finishes for your prints depending on your needs. This guide to our paper and finishes will help you make the right choice for your print.

Standard Matt Paper:
Our standard matt paper is a 120gsm coated & bonded paper. It is a high-quality mid-weight paper which holds colours well and is good for high-resolution printing. We’ve been using this paper for many years and find that it makes great quality prints at an affordable price.

Gloss Laminate (Dry Wipe Marker Compatible) Finish:
The Face Laminated finish – your file is printed on 100gsm paper which then has a 50 micron laminate applied to the front (or face) of the print. This gloss laminate not only looks good, but makes the print more durable both in terms of physical handling but also UV protects the map to ensure the print doesn’t yellow or fade in direct sunlight. This Laminate is also suitable for use with Dry-Wipe markers, making this finish particularly good for offices, presentations or group work.

Standard Laminate Finish:
Our Standard Laminate Finish is applied to your printed file making it more durable. There are two options, a matt and a satin laminate. Both of these laminates offer great durability, UV protection and are non-reflective. Please note that these laminates are not dry-wipe marker compatible.

Encapsulated Finish:
The Encapsulated finish is a paper map which is laminated front and back, using the same laminate as the Face Laminated finish, on the Gloss or either of the Standard Laminates. As well as UV protecting the print it makes for the most durable finish we offer and means your print should last a long time.

Mount Board:
We use a 5mm mount board which is made from a bio-degradeable material. Using this finish, we print your file as normal then mount the print on to the board using a strong adhesive, heat and pressure. This finish is ideal for presentations and multi-day events, museum or art display cards. Please note that we are not able to post out mount board due to to the possibility of the board being damaged in transit – all mount boards must be collected from our Glasgow office.

Foldable Fabric:
Using latex inks and state-of-the-art plotters, our fabric is a specially selected 100% polyester material that is able to display the same level of detail as on our standard paper plotters and is also crease-resistant so makes it an ideal solution for those looking to travel with their poster. These are supplied in A4-sized plastic boxes which are easy to transport, even in hand luggage.

If you have any queries about any of our Paper Finishes please do not hesitate to get in touch.