Does the machine print the image right to the edge of the paper?

A0, A1, A2 and A3s that we print via our plotters are printed over-sized and trimmed back – equivalent to borderless.

A3 and A4 Laser options: it leaves margins. approx 5mm around the print – please take this into account when setting up your image.

What DPI should I set my image at?

NEVER go above 300dpi. Tests show that 150-200dpi has a fine image fine quality on our high quality HP paper. Over 300dpi can saturate the paper (wet ‘bulges’) with resultant blurring affecting the quality of the image.

Best Practices

Flatten all images before uploading – saves 70% on upload time – PHOTOSHOP Flattening instructions

Ideally save all Microsoft formats (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) as PDFs before uploading – INSTRUCTIONS

Prefered formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, PSD, PSB – we do not print direct from Autocad (save as PDF before uploading)

Do not use solid black backgrounds – this can cause the paper to saturate

Turnaround time

At peak (exhibition/crit) times there will be queues. Most of the time we will try and turnaround within 1 hour – an A1 only takes us 10-20 minutes to print.

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